Welcome to A Taste of Home Cake Crate

Do you have a loved one living away from home?  Are they away at college, prep school or just living on their own?

Why not treat them with a monthly gift to give them a nice reminder of home?
The “Taste of Home” Cake Crate is filled with a variety of items from the Kentastic Cakes kitchen. 

Each month their crate will include:

1 Cake In A Cup*

4 Yummy Cake Pops*

3-6 Delicious, freshly made cookies(quantity depends on type and size of cookie)

1 Mystery Treat – Anything from chocolate covered OREOs and pretzels to homemade Cereal/Marshmallow Treats

We offer the following

plan options:

1, 3, 6 and 12 months



January Cake Crate Shipping Next Week!

As always, I try to ship A Taste of Home Cake Crate on or around the 20th of each month. It usually depends on what day of the week the 20th falls on. Ultimately, I ship on the Monday or Tuesday of that week to ensure all Crates are received by the weekend and everything is still nice and fresh for you. I’ll be baking this weekend and will be going live on Instagram on Sunday, January 19th. If you don’t already Follow, please do so @mycakecrate. While I’m not exactly sure what time I’ll be live, it will more than likely be between 3pm and 5pm. I hope you will check in and say Hi!